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Cathy's Music

Apart from sculpture my other passion in life is music. I enjoy writing songs and singing in public and have been an active member of the local music circuit for many years.

I’ve always aimed to perform a good mixture of music to cater for a range of tastes but my heart has always leaned towards ballads.   It is with great pleasure therefore that I announce this latest CD "Let In The Light" which contains songs of mine, some of which I have never performed in public.  Many are deep and soulful and best listened to in the comfort of one’s own home with the lights turned low.

My own efforts have been expanded and improved by the many artists and friends that have joined me on this venture.   I hope that you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating.

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Available CD's

Available for £10.00 inc postage and packaging by contacting me:
Email or tel 01761 241235



In 2012 I recorded a five track CD which includes a new version of "Don't Let Go" and another of my own songs not yet recorded  "Babbicombe Lee"  I have included three of my favourite covers: Bob Dylan "The Wedding Song", Buddy Holly "It Doesn't Matter Any More" and Lucinda Williams "Can't Let Go"
Avaliable for £5

The Wedding Song 

Don't Let Go
Babbicombe Lee


In 2009 I recorded a live CD "Sweet and Tender Words" which contains ten of my own songs.

This contains 10 of my own songs and is available for £10.00 inc postage and packaging by contacting me:
Email or tel 01761 241235

Thanks go to Phil Dunster on lead guitar/bass, Johnny Francis, rhythm guitar/bass and Henry Shaftoe drums, Issy Emeney melodeon, Bethany Porter and Kate Riaz cello and James Slater harmonica.
Sweet And Tender Words